"Indie Boyz" is part of a 7" split record between us and The Hopewrecker (USA), Valve Drive (Japan) and Lili Champ (Cile).

4 bands from 4 different continents pitched in to make this record and every song is killer.
Totally DIY record done with the biggest help of Jeff from The Hopewrecker.

You MUST listen to all the songs here:

40 test presses with screened and hand numbered cover
20 "zombie flesh" colored vinyl with screened and hand numbered cover
50 green vinyl
250 pink vinyl


released August 10, 2012

"Indie Boyz" was recorded by Mr Bino @ Ihccoram Studio in 2011.

Colin Farrell are:
King Mob: Vox
Lollo: Bass & Back Vox
Edo: Guitar & Back Vox
Zano: Drums




Colin Farrell Milano, Italy

We were born in June 2010 between Milano city and the green Brianza (Italy). We play very fast because people get bored so easily. Our shows are 10 minutes long. In 10 minutes we play 10 songs, well sometimes 11.
That's all.

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Track Name: Colin Farrell - Indie Boyz
All I wanna do
All I wanna say
Is that you are a shame

Everything you do
Everything you say
Is boring anyway

And I want to kick your ass
Cause You dont make me laugh
And tonight I will be safe
'Cause I am going to send you into space

Indie boyz you make me sad
Indie boyz you make me sad oh yeah
Indie boyz you make me sad
Indie boyz you make me sad oh yeah

All you wanna have
All you wanna see
are girls around your jeans

Everything you hope
Everything you wish
Is your face on VICE magazine