7" split with Super White Garlic...it will be out on Making Believe Records....someday, someday.


released March 30, 2013

Recorded by Mr Bino @ Ihccoram Studio in 2011.

Colin Farrell are:
King Mob: Vox
Lollo: Bass & Back Vox
Edo: Guitar & Back Vox
Zano: Drums




Colin Farrell Milano, Italy

We were born in June 2010 between Milano city and the green Brianza (Italy). We play very fast because people get bored so easily. Our shows are 10 minutes long. In 10 minutes we play 10 songs, well sometimes 11.
That's all.

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Track Name: Colin Farrell - Fra never feels cold
Fra is so tough, he feels never ill
He's got a tshirt and a pair of blue jeans
Fra doesn't mind that winter is here
In his leather jacket keeps drinking his beer

He can beat you up, He will shut your mouth
'Cause Fra is the coolest guy around

Yea yea yea yea yea Fra never feels cold (x3)
He's going to the show with his jacket on
Track Name: Colin Farrell - Game Over
Wanna hang out with you by my side
Just wanna tell you to be my bride
But zombies are coming to take you away
and they will drive me insane

I'm not to blame (you're dead you're dead)
It's just a game (you're dead you're dead)
Zombies are fast (too fast too fast)
I think our love will not last