by Colin Farrell

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All songs written by Colin Farrell in 2011.

"Edo wants your mom" and "No school" recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo "BINO" Binetti @ Ihccoram Studios between 2011 and 2012.

"Tony" recorded by Zano in his basement in 2012.

"Game Over Boy" done by Bino himself with his game boy (nerd pride). This is an Open Source Game Boy cover of Colin Farrell's "Game Over" song that will be out soon on a 7" split with Super White Garlic from Sicily (ITA) - www.superwhitegarlic.com


released April 24, 2012




Colin Farrell Milano, Italy

We were born in June 2010 between Milano city and the green Brianza (Italy). We play very fast because people get bored so easily. Our shows are 10 minutes long. In 10 minutes we play 10 songs, well sometimes 11.
That's all.

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Track Name: Edo wants your mom
Edo shaves his face and goes down to the beach
He wanna fuck that girl because she has the biggest tits
Edo puts his face between the legs of your old mom
He wanna have some fun while you are drinking at the pub
Track Name: No School
I wanna be an idiot, an idiot of success
I wanna be a legend, I don't need anything else

I wanna be like John Lennon and Paul McCartney too
I wanna make money with no school

I wanna be like Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten too
I wanna make money with no school
Track Name: Tony
One - look at the sun
Two - this is my shoe
Three - pick up the sticks
Four - knock at the door

You can't stop me, you can't stop me now